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Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is one of 10 federal universities in the Russian Federation. The university was awarded federal status on December 30, 2010. From 2010–2015, the university implemented a major expansion program valued at RUB 5 billion. In 2015, the Long-Term Development Strategy of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University won the International Competitiveness Award for Russian Universities.

The mission of the University is to present and promote the best practices of Russian science, education and culture in Europe and enhance the Kaliningrad region's international competitiveness by building up its intellectual and research potentials and image.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is a leading educational institute in Russia’s westernmost region. The university currently offers over 300 secondary, higher, additional, and post-graduate professional educational programs. The university’s infrastructure includes 53 buildings. Over the past 5 years, the total area of the university area has expanded by 3.5 times. The university has its own Clinical Diagnostic Center. Over the past 5 years, our R&D funding has increased by 3.5 times.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, an innovative university in the Russian Federation, strives to maintain and further develop the academic traditions of its predecessor – Albertina Koenigsberg University. The history of Albertina, one of Europe’s oldest universities, dates back more than 460 years. Over the years, its instructors and lecturers have included: Johann Hamann, Johann Herder, Friedrich Bessel, Friedrich Jakobi, Ferdinand von Lindemann, Adolf Hurwitz, David Hilbert, and Herman von Helmholtz; the founder of Lithuanian literature Kristijonas Donelaitis studied theology at the university; and the writer and composer E.T.A. Hoffman attended lectures in philosophy. 

The greatest figure in the history of Koenigsberg University is undoubtedly Immanuel Kant, the great philosopher who was once a Russian citizen. His name forever tied Koenigsberg and the university with the cultural history of all mankind and became a landmark of the region.

Website: https://kantiana.ru/

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