IIER - Đại diện tuyển sinh của SELC tại Việt Nam

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IIER trở thành đại diện tuyển sinh cho Trung Tâm Tiếng Anh SELC - Australia

At SELC we are dedicated to providing our students with:

  • Quality teaching from professional and caring teachers
  • Unique and practical language courses and career programs
  • An incredible mix of nationalities, with students from more than 70 countries

A chance not only to learn but also to connect with many different people who can change your life !

Our background

SELC was founded in 1985 in Sydney, making it one of the longest-established schools in Australia.
SELC Canada opened its doors in Vancouver in 2012 and since then SELC Vancouver has developed its own unique culture and atmosphere.

With over 30 years of making a difference by providing quality education services, SELC also has Career Colleges in both Sydney and Vancouver. As the world faces a global skills shortage, SELC seeks to meet the demand for quality vocational education and training closely linked to industry.

Our innovative language and vocational programs are designed to ensure that SELC graduates have a distinctive experience to be able to have both fulfilling careers and lives.


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